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A BS5837:2012 survey is essentially just a constraints exercise. It answers the question “do I need to protect any trees within or adjacent to my site?” Alternatively, put another way; “does my development scheme look defensible?”

The way we answer these questions is fairly simple and the best way to explain how we do this, is to reverse engineer the process. Your local planning authority has a Tree Officer, who is normally responsible for weighing the council’s policies on tree management against your development ambitions and providing a decision recommendation (grant/refuse permission) to your Case Officer. He or she will use British Standard 5837:2012 to guide this decision.

Therefore, to ensure that this recommendation is favourable, we work with you to ensure that your scheme provides for a sensible tree removal/retention balance. That means showing that you can retain and protect good quality trees on and adjacent to your site, while offering a thorough justification for accepting the loss of those of lesser quality.

This stage of work is often required simply to validate your planning application, distinct from an arboricultural impact assessment, or method statement and protection plan, which are more often than not required at later design and planning stages, or as conditions of consent.

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