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Grade II Listed Cottages

Ongoing project  - Dutch & Haven cottages Mudeford Quay, Christchurch

In 2017, 71 Design Ltd where commissioned to start the planning process for a pair of cottages in Mudeford, Christchurch for both adjoining owners (ie. the whole building). During that time we acquired consent for replacement double glazed windows for the whole site, high specification hardwood bespoke windows with hand drawn glass to satisfy the conservation officers. 

We then went on to secure planning for the rebuilding and extending of the porches, re-configured floor plans and connecting the three storeys together. Several Householder, listed building, appeals and building regulations were applied for and negotiations with conservation ensued to get the right results. 

71 Design Ltd then continued with the extensive restoration by tendering out to find the correct contractors to carry out the work, meeting regularly with the builders & clients, supporting the project with details and specification.

Services provided

  • Planning for Listed Building

  • Householder planning

  • Heritage statements

  • Conservation negotiations

  • Structural design

  • Building regulations. 



Local History

Being one of only a few buildings actually built on the quay, Haven Cottages have made a large contribution both historically and visually to the Quay at Mudeford, and have had only minor changes externally in over 300 years. Haven Cottages are strongly linked to the Haven Inn and local Maritime History.


Early Ordnance Survey maps provide evidence of the traditional fishing industry continuing into the 19th century. Numerous landing piers are recorded in the vicinity of Quomps, Stanpit and Mudeford. The creeks of Stanpit Marsh also provided covert access for smugglers from the late 18th century. One creek in particular became known as Mother Sillers Channel because it led directly to The Ship in Distress and The Haven Inn at Mudeford, smugglers’ pubs where contraband tobacco could be stored. It was here in 1784 that the Battle of Mudeford took place between Crown vessels and smugglers. It appears that these smuggling activities in the 18th and early 19th Century’s may have  been responsible for boosting the economy of Christchurch.

Dutch & Haven Cottage
Haven Cottage stripped out
Grade II listed cottage: Recent Projects
Grade II listed cottage: Gallery
Exterior main
Exterior 4
South side
Room with a view
Bathroom 3
Bathroom 2
Exterior 3
Exterior 2
Kitchen 1
Exterior work
View over the water
Bathroom 2
Window 1
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