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Why going local is always best for your building project.

Years ago, if you were looking for an architect, you had a couple of options: choose local consultancy or go with a large fancy company. You could take your building project to an architect in your area, or you could splash out and go to one of the big firms located in the UK’s top cities. But, paying more for your design is not always a guarantee of results.

A local company will already have a great relationship with your local authority which is essential should you need to discuss any issues that arise during your build. A faceless corporation in the ‘city’ will be unable to take advantage of both local knowledge and contacts.

The benefit to you the client of having a smaller team is the personal support it allows us to give our clients. While you work closely with your personal designer, they will be able to confer with a local team of experts and builders, to ensure your project always benefits from decades of specialised knowledge.

Before you sign up to any professional, you want to see their previous work and know they’ve dealt with similar projects in the past. But more than that, having a good history of work shows that your architect has been there, done that, and is likely to have the answers to any problems that come up. At 71 Design we can walk you through our previous projects to illustrate what we have completed in the past. Couple this with our amazing 3D modelling service, where we can literally ‘walk’ you through your project before it starts, giving you the opportunity to make changes at the design stage before they cost you money!

Communication is key, and one of the things we hear from prospective customers is 'if I go with a local architect, will they be there for me?'. The short answer is YES, as local architect 71 Design will come to your house and meet over tea in your kitchen. But what comes after that? We ensure that our small team maintain clear lines of communication with clients and walk customers through their build at every stage of the project.

Architects don’t work in a bubble, in fact, we will often collaborate with other industry professionals to help your building project achieves the best results possible. From structural engineers, all the way to fitting suppliers, 71 Design can capitalise on our already established relationships across these professions, so our designs will work with the whole project vision.

As local architects, 71 Design always endeavour to recommend only the best professionals to you. We already work alongside building professionals in your local area and can advise the best suppliers and services to take your project forward. Because we already work with companies in your area, we are able to help secure our clients unique deals, from reduced fees, to offers on materials, our customers are able to enjoy the best the industry can provide.

So, if you are looking to improve your home? Contact us today for your FREE no-obligation consultation and discuss your building project with one of the 71 Design team.

Book now at, or if you prefer, please call us on 0800 610 2271.

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