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3 packages to suit every budget that reflect the level of input you want to have through the building process

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Including Planning & Design - everything you need to start building. 

Planning • Site Survey  • Presentation (site visit) to review concepts, sketches and amendments - we always allow two sets • Existing floor plans & elevations  • Proposed floor plans & elevations  • Site location map 

Block Plan  • Application & liaise with the local planners 

Building Regulations  • Working drawings  • Sections through the building 

Details 1:10  • Notes on plans for Building Regs compliance  • Structural Design and calculations, we normally handle most of the calculations (Simple Beams / Timber calculations) however, depending on how the design works out we may require the engineer to perform some of the calculations, identified in the concept stage . 

Our Fees for the Standard Package are subject to site survey, please ask for more details


Helping you select the right contractor.


NBS Specification, British Standards for every component and application • This is a large document, but it describes and states how everything should be done to British Standards and has lots of clauses, the contractor who is appointed would sign a contract and commit to working to these standards • M&E diagrams, electrical and mechanical drawings. These show where every light fitting, radiator, plug / switch is so all contractors price the same thing • Letter of invitation to Tender, from us to a selection of contractors with rules on how we expect the tenders to be returned and when etc • Scope of works, brief description of the works to simplify and enable the contractors to understand the project • Bill Of Quants - Cost analysis, break down of the main elements of the project then meter prices so we have all the contractors rates. This enables work to be valued during the project and calculate variations • Method Statement, a summary from each contractor of how they will go about the work so we can understand how they get to their prices of if they have the correct idea • Contract Selection and JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal). We will help you choose the right contractor and get them into a contract. 


Our Fees for the Premium Package are subject to site survey, please ask for more details

premium package
Standard package
Comprehensive package


71 Design supervise and administer the whole project.


We will be on board throughout the whole project to manage the contractors, quality, schedule and payments • Site meeting and brief before work starts • Check that building control have visited and approved at key stages • Inspect the site and value completed works prior to payments being made in line with the JCT Contract • Assure the contractors have a method statement for H&S and help them to implement risk assessments • Snag the work at practical completion stage and advise on payments accordingly • Sign off on completion after snagging completed but hold a retention of around 5% for a set period of months (Defects Period) 


Our Fees for the Comprehensive Package are subject to site survey, please ask for more details

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