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Permitted development - new rights

The expansion of Permitted Development rights which came into force on 1st August 2020, should make it easier for renovators and extenders to build upwards, allowing growing families to expand their homes without having to move.

At the moment new Permitted Development rights allowing two-storey upwards extensions to blocks of flats came into force on 1 August. It has been allocated first to purpose-built blocks of flats, before eventually being rolled out to all detached properties. Currently, planning permission will be granted for self-contained flats to be built on top of certain existing, purpose-built blocks of flats.

The upwards extensions will need to meet certain criteria and will be subject to prior approval - a formal submission to a local planning authority to seek confirmation that specified parts of a development are acceptable, before work can commence.

Planning permission will be restricted to buildings of three storeys or more in height, and the extended building must not be more than 30 metres in total height.

The government has also tabled rule changes that would require councils to refuse Permitted Development right conversions that create homes that are windowless or lack adequate natural light. This, the government says, will help to improve the quality of new homes delivered under Permitted Development.

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